Screen Donor

Donate your smart phone display to an NGO.

Screen Donor

Screen Donor is an app that turns your smart phone display in to an ad space for NGO:s.
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NGO:s should spend as much money as they can on helping people. Not on ads. This is why we have created Screen Donor. Now you can donate free ad space on your smart phone display to your NGO of choice.

How it works

ScreenDonor Iphone app

Download the app for free from the App Store and choose an NGO to support. Right now we are helping Doctors of The World to communicate their important work.

When turned on Screen Donor then temporarily disables the screen saving mode on your smart phone. Instead of going dark the screen will display information from your NGO of choice. Like an inverted smart phone case. Thereby making your phone a small but important ad space when you leave it on the table in front of you in a meeting or at the coffee shop.

When turned on Screen Donor will consume battery time. A small price to pay for a good cause.

Doctors of the World is an international humanitarian organization that provides emergency and long-term medical care to vulnerable populations while fighting for equal access to healthcare worldwide.

The organisation provides medical care under all circumstances, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age or political beliefs. Standing out against discrimination, Doctors of the World bears witness to health inequity worldwide.

Doctors of the world


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